Tuesday 7 September 2010

MACH Acoustics is expanding

MACH Acoustics has recently taken on three new members of staff.  This growth has broadened the range of skills and experience within the company and we are now is strong position to expand our services in environmental acoustics.  The new team members have brought with them experience in the following areas of environmental acoustics:

          •     Wind farm acoustic assessment
          •     Road and rail noise assessment
          •     Industrial noise assessment


New staff at MACH Acoustics have experience in all aspects of wind farm developments from feasibility and planning through to compliance testing.

Background noise surveys
Background noise surveys are carried out using weatherproof environmental noise loggers. Noise loggers are placed at key residential locations to establish the base line noise levels.  The measurement data is they correlated with wind speed measurements to establish the relationship between wind speed and background noise level.  The

Noise assessment
Using computer modelling software (CADNA), wind turbine noise can be predicted at nearby residential locations over a range of wind speeds.  The predictions are then compared with theETSU-97 noise limits.
Modelling software is also used in the turbine selection process and to fine tune site layouts and  mirco-siting

Sound power level testing
MACH Acoustics can perform sound power testing according to the methodology of International Standard IEC61400-11 Wind turbine generator systems – Part 11: Acoustic noise measurement techniques (IEC61400-11) to verify that the measured sound power levels comply with the sound power levels guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Compliance assessments
Post construction noise assessment is conducted using noise loggers and wind speed data.  Regression analysis is used to establish the post-construction background noise level at each monitoring location.
These values are able to be compared with pre-construction background noise curves and noise limit curves to assess compliance.


Noise impact assessments are essential for all road and rail projects.  MACH Acoustics can assist in the planning and design of road and rails project.  Our capabilities include:
          •     Noise impact assessments
          •     Traffic noise measurements
          •     Noise level prediction using established prediction methods (CRTN/CRN)
          •     3-dimensional computer modelling for noise contour plots and preliminary noise barrier design


MACH Acoustics can help in solving noise issues and problems for a range of industrial and commercial applications.  We are able to provide the following services:
          •     Occupational noise surveys (Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005)
          •     Industrial noise assessment (British Standard 4142 Environmental Agency (EA) IPPC H3 Noise Guidance)
          •     Noise abatement using enclosures, silencers and noise barriers

For more information about MACH Acoustics’ environmental acoustics services please contact our office on
0117 944 1388.

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