Presented here are a collection of previous reports and CPDs that MACH Acoustics have produced. 

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This report outlines work done for Rogiet school with White Design architects. MACH Acoustics' aim was to naturally ventilate the school. The school is located in a particularly noisy environment close to two motorways and a busy passenger train line. With high levels of environmental noise traditional open window ventilation would not be suitable. MACH Acoustics' approach was to design bespoke attenuators for both the inlet ventilation ducts and the cross talk attenuators between rooms of the school. This report shows the design process and predicted performance of the attenuators.

The aim of this document is to highlight MACH Acoustics' innovative approach to the acoustic design of an open plan teaching environment. Case studies included are plazas 1 and 2 at Oldborough School in Kent in which several novel techniques were implemented in order to provide a highly usable open plan space with no traditional barriers in place.

If a building is refurbished to include residential dwellings then it becomes necessary to build a construction which conforms to the acoustic criteria outlined in the Building Regulations. These are concerned with the passage of sound between dwellings, both airborne and structure-borne, and the reverberation of sound within the dwelling. This report is focused on the redevelopment of the Mary Newman building in Plymouth which was converted from offices to residential rooms.

4. Room Acoustics Reverberation
This design note looks at a range of room acoustic treatments required for Dartington Primary School in order for it to meet the reverberation times set out in Building Bulletin 93. A large variety of treatments are described in the report and typical implementations are shown for each. This provides the client with a wide base of options from which to choose their preferred acoustic treatment design.

Natural ventilation scheme design can be particularly challenging in noise sensitive spaces. This report details MACH Acoustics' initial design concepts for music spaces in Leighton Park School. Construction details are included which will provide the appropriate sound insulation between rooms. Conceptual ventilation schemes are also included and give the client many options of how to naturally ventilate the music spaces.

Correct details are critical in achieving the required acoustic performance of a building. This report outlines a site assessment at Llwynderw Primary School during which details were identified that would compromise the acoustic performance. Advice was provided in the report on how to correct these details and maximise the on-site acoustic performance.


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