Friday 20 March 2015

Pulling the wool over BREEAM

We believe in low carbon buildings and the typical 3 and 4 credits allocated purely to acoustics by BREEAM can be more or less guaranteed to help achieve the highest possible rating.

MACH differs from other consultants in our approach to achieving the energy usage credits, and credits relating to sustainable recycled materials. We aim to lead in the acoustics design of green buildings, investing over 7% of our turnover into research and by collaborating with leading universities. Our research focuses on reducing the energy usage of buildings as well as material selection. Acoustics is not often linked with these subjects, however naturally ventilated and hybrid buildings often suffer from noise break-in and high levels of sound transfer and occupancy noise issues. Focussing on these subjects means that MACH has and can develop a wide range of solutions to overcome the exceptional challenges in low carbon buildings.

Material selection and reducing the level of embodied energy – sheeps wool used in thermafleece is often a preferred option 

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