Monday 9 November 2015

The Future of Windows

When the Romans invented the glass window, they couldn’t have anticipated the environmental context and settings years later: Windows continue to let in light ages on, however undesirable levels of air and sound also intrude.

MACH Acoustics recognises the importance of noise control through window design. Where simple traditional design limits the use of open windows, we have now developed a range of unique software tools to help overcome noise break-in in residential buildings, offices and schools to prove that open windows can be used in noisier environments than previously thought.

Working with your design, we will improve the acoustic performance of open windows and provide the solution that will work best for your project. It could be as simple as an extended window frame, proven to reduce sound; external baffles; or changing the shape of the window itself.

Download our book for free from iTunes to read how our ground-breaking, software tools can show you the future of windows, and check out the video clip also below.

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