Thursday 3 December 2015

Troubleshooting in Schools CPD - sound education

Freshly written, this new CPD was the inspiration of Josh Childs, an expert in the field of education acoustics consultancy. When asked what prompted him to write such a presentation Josh explained that the same issues and problems kept arising and his experience of working on so many schools led him to believe his solutions could also benefit others if explained in advance so shortcomings could be avoided. Josh believes there really are only one or two viable solutions which are cost effective, and this CPD highlights the best practise. 

Josh explains “Acoustic design should be considered from junction details all the way to building orientation and layout, so we want to demonstrate the fundamental acoustic principles that you will need to consider throughout the building design.
This CPD will cover the new requirements from the updated BB93 and look at topics such as;
·         Getting the most out of your music spaces;
·         How to naturally ventilate in noisy areas;
·         Gyms and sports halls – common problems and the solutions;
·         How to work acoustics within sustainable design (thermal mass, CLT, alternative materials etc);
·         Atriums, ‘Streets’ and breakout spaces – creating the right environment;
·         Introducing our free online acoustic design tools.”

This CPD gives architects more to think about when approaching designing a school and getting the layout right. For contractors they will benefit from value engineering nuggets. MACH provides a comprehensive review of common acoustic problems that occur within educational buildings and the best methods to solve them.

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