Thursday 7 January 2016

TED Talk, UWE: The Challenges of Being Too Clever

TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) are coming to UWE, Bristol on 23rd January. This latest exciting series will take "The Innovative Attitude" for the theme and will include 9 speakers. MACH Acoustics' Ze Nunes has been invited, and the title of his talk is "The Challenges of Being too Clever. MACH Acoustics has close ties with UWE  - some employees are UWE graduates, some came for placement and stayed on for employment, so it's a great honour to be invited to talk on home turf - Bristol is a progressive city rich in engineering history of many disciplines.
So, Sustainable acoustics, natural ventilation, acoustic analysis, value engineering, low energy buildings, window design and sound reduction - all part of MACH's latest publication of "The Future of Windows", but if you invent something new like this how do you get it across and where do you go with marketing this innovation? Can you be too clever?
Up until now the concept of natural ventilation and openable windows without noise polluting in was something of an engineering no-no. Ze likes to say yes to engineering challenges and overcomes them using science and complex brutal maths but delivers this to the client within their intended design.
Sustainable acoustics benefits both the end user of the building with natural ventilation and also has much wider positive implications for the environment and this is the message that needs to be communicated.
To enjoy this talk and others, tickets are now on sale for £10 - which includes lunch and drinks throughout the day. These tickets can be purchased on the entrepreneurial society page:
If you want to be kept updated on the event, speakers and tickets, follow the link below and like the TEDx UWE page: E/?fref=ts

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