Wednesday 3 February 2016

Bath University "The Hive" plays a part in The Future of Windows

The HIVE is a £1 million ground-breaking building project designed to support research into construction materials and is the first building project being developed at the Building Research Park. A University of Bath initiative, the HIVE is a natural coupling for MACH Acoustics to work hand in hand with as MACH exploors and progresses its work on The Future of Windows.

Over the past months Andrew, Ze, Yang from MACH have investigated various facades and window configurations, taken measurements and surveys and used this for their research. As Andrew says of this recent work: “Without this real life situation to investigate bold concepts in a cost effective manor we would not be able to validate our new façade modelling techniques. This will in the future provide the confidence to our clients that we can provide a fast evolving and robust façade scheme design such to incorporate natural ventilation into more buildings on noisy sites”.

For further information about The Hive use the following link:

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