Thursday 24 March 2016

Bristol Grammar School - new Performing Arts Centre inspires students

Following on from MACH Acoustics’ involvement with Bristol Grammar Schools Performing Arts Centre, Max Reynolds was invited to speak at a workshop at the school featuring this interesting project . The workshop saw participation from students, parents and industry professionals alike and the collaboration made it a special event – how inspiring for the 6th formers to hear first hand about how their very own performing arts centre came to being!

Note from this image the challenges of noise pollution coming from numerous sources

And from this image, the plan of the site and the orientation of the building

The new design of the space was the main theme, and their careers talk drew on these translatable life skills – encompassing all disciplines used in the construction industry. Max went on to give some insights into his own career as an acoustic consultant and no doubt in a few years to come MACH Acoustics will be able to gain from the new generation of enthused acousticians and engineers.

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