Tuesday 14 June 2016

University of Bath, Integrated Design Conference

From 30th June to 1st July Bath University will hold the Integrated Design Conference.  This will bring architecture, engineering and construction industries together and will focus on the theme “Building our Future”. This forms part of Bath Universities’ 50th birthday anniversary celebrations, and recognises that in the 60’s, the combined Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering was very much founded on a philosophy of integrated design. During this conference, delegates will be able to enjoy debates and see developments in integrated design – taking account of the past 50 years, bearing witness to the present and also looking to the future.

Speakers will take part from both commercial and academic backgrounds, and the schedule is packed with provoking and challenging topics. MACH Acoustics’ Ze Nunes will speak on Thursday 30th June in the 4-5pm lecture slot. Ze will present with Future of Windows: The Visualisation of Sound and the acoustics performance of open windows. His presentation will explain how heavy duty beautiful maths and engineering combine and translate – using some smart software and proper problem solving.

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