Friday 2 December 2016

All in a weeks' work for Josh

·      There are several social media site dedicated to what engineers get up to on a daily basis - here's a week in the working life of Josh, and it seems pretty full on with a great variety of projects.

  • Oxford University Magdalen College – Conversion of squash courts to music studio
·         UCA Farnham – performing arts building – lecture theatres, TV production studios and recording studios – near an RAF base with massive noisy chinook helicopters flying over it on a daily basis.
  • Glastonbury IPRU – a pupil referral unit school with NVB Architects and Midas
  • Hadspen Spa – auralisation of swimming pool – also interesting fact is that the main country manor building that will be converted into a hotel (Stefan is working on that bit) It was won in a bidding war against Johnny Depp who clearly has a penchant for beautiful country manor houses
  • Helped out Beard Construction in Oxford, looking at improving the acoustics in their open plan office – a common problem fairly easy to fix

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