Monday 13 March 2017

CIBSE South West talk March 14th: Acoustics and building design

CIBSE South West Talk - Tuesday 14th March @ 6.00pm

A lack of understanding of acoustic design solution can result in poor designs, which are costly and worst still can limit a building scope in term of energy efficiency and appearance.  Ze Nunes, founder of MACH Acoustics and lecturer at the University of Bath and Bristol, will talk on the following key topics

       A holistic approach to natural ventilation on noisy sites.
       Design of windows to enhance their sound reduction.
       Modelling techniques assessing the pressure drop and acoustic performance of openings within low carbon buildings.
       Acoustics and heat recovery.

For a taster of what is to come please click on the links below.

The data is Tuesday 14th March @ 6.00pm – arrival Drinks and Refreshments
Location - Plymouth University, Lecture Theatre 006, Babbage Building, PL4 8AA

Please contact: Eleni Kalyva - Email:, prior to coming

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