Thursday 28 April 2011

Case Study - St Peter's Primary School Discrete Facade

St Peters school is located in relatively close proximity to the M5 and as such, environmental noise levels are too high to allow for natural ventilation through openable windows. MACH Acoustics was employed by South Gloucestershire Council to provide a range of design options to prevent noise ingress into this classroom.

One of the unique elements of this project was a considerable slope across the site. The solution was to pile the site and use suspended slabs to form the classrooms. To provide an external play/learning area to each of the classrooms, a suspended timber deck was employed. The solution here was to accommodate the attenuator within bench seating. Air was brought in from under the timber decking and then cross vented across the classroom before being released at high levels on the quiet side of the building.

Click the preview below to download the complete case study.

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