Thursday 28 April 2011

Cross Ventilation - Atriums

Low energy buildings works most effectively when “cross ventilation” is employed. In this case, air is brought in through the building façade and then passes across a given space and out through a partition into another part of the building e.g. corridor, atrium, etc. In the case of cross ventilation, the spread of noise through a partition containing vents can be a major limiting factor. The Nat Vent is therefore used to maintain the acoustics performance of a partition.

The core advantage of the NAT Vent Attenuator is the fact that it can be made to comply with the BB93 and other regulations, and is sufficiently flexible to be installed into a range of spaces

For further information please see Chapter 3. Acoustic and cross ventilation ‘Sustainable Acoustics’, Pages 24 to 27
The link below take you to a series of case studies where the NVA has been use to allow for  natural ventilation on a noise site:

Winford Primary School
Rogeit Primary School

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