Friday 15 April 2016

New suite of CPDs from MACH Acoustics

Continuing Professional Development, just exactly what's in it for architects, engineers and contractors to give up their lunch hours and pitch up to a talk? What could possibly be more appealing that leafing through the latest Architects Journal or Construction line and sitting at your desk for yet another hour!

Arguably most CPDs are just an excuse for companies to showcase their services or wares, but at MACH Acoustics they are treated more like an educational seminar and challenging questions and engagement are encouraged, Here's what Gardiner and Theobald had to say of a recent CPD:

"I think you pitched the talk just right - feedback from the team was very positive, and I think everyone has taken away some useful new knowledge. The session has made us realise that there may be a lot of added value from considered and timely acoustic advice that we are not always seeking early enough on our projects."

With content and topics pitched to appeal to both architects and contractors,  companies are welcome to select their own CPD or take advice from MACH.

 Click on the link below to access the brochure and see all the different CPDs currently offered and get in touch if you are interested in booking one.

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