Thursday 28 April 2016

CPD's - Kier reaps rewards of CPD training

 Last week Ze Nunes was invited to talk to Kier in Newbury to deliver a CPD as part of their in house training programme. As in all these situations, having a primed audience who is willing to engage and challenge adds much to the dynamics and learning of the session. Kier didn’t disappoint, and there was plenty of solid discussion. Drawing on shared project collaboration, Ze was able to make reference to several education projects and apply classroom knowledge to completed buildings.

Andy Vernon, Senior Design Manager said of the session: “I set you quite a wide ranging brief and, from the feedback I have had, you managed to provide something for everyone who attended along with setting many of them thinking which was also part of the plan!” Although MACH Acoustics offers set CPD's, , bespoke sessions are also available upon request.

Contractors typically select the modules: Adding Value and Construction Details. Transfering Acoustics Expertise in this way makes for Better Design Solutions. A lack of understanding of acoustic solutions can result in poor design decisions, which are costly and can limit a building’s scope for energy efficiency, performance and appearance. 

If you would like to arrange a CPD for your company please email

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