Wednesday 4 May 2016

Using Sonar for navigation - harnessing the Visualisation of Sound

I was captivated listening to Daniel Kish recently interviewed on Radio 6 on the Lauren Laverne show and how he uses sonar to help him navigate the world as a man without sight - but with a commanding understanding of sound.

At MACH Acoustics the Visualisation of Sound concept has proven extremely helpful in explaining how acoustics work and how sound "behaves". Using sonar for navigation takes this concept out of the classroom and clearly demonstrates how for the majority of us sound as a sense can be developed and appreciated much further.

To listen to Daniel's TED talk click on the link below:

Daniel explains how using this method of navigation with a form of echolocation helps him "construct and understanding of the space around him". An interesting concept for sighted and blind alike - a powerful mix of engineering, physics and interpretation.

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