Friday 12 June 2015

Bath University PhD helps us see what we hear

MACH's very own Ze Nunes is embarking upon a PhD at Bath University, and the research he will do should not only change the way acoustics is heard but also viewed. 

Entitled, "A common Multi-disciplinary visualization of sound and air in low carbon building realizes modern building design intent fully".

He justifies that the lack of design solution and basic conceptual understanding of acoustics is often the reason for not taking a low carbon building design strategy forwards - the primary aim of this work seeks to ensure that all stakeholders in the design process are equipped with the necessary knowledge to engage them fully in the design, enabling them to delivering better buildings as a result of reduced conflicts. A shift in the appreciation of acoustics in low carbon buildings is required – this will make acoustics an incorporated aspect of the design process, and not merely a stand-alone remedial discipline.

The invisible link between acoustic and natural ventilation paths in buildings results in conflicts between other disciplines, limiting the full environmental potential of a building to be realized.This lack of understanding can be breached by using inspirational collaborative methods to inspire key stakeholder engagement. Modeling techniques, interpretation of data, seeking symmetry of physics in the properties of a building will all assist in presenting the building in a more visual way. The principle behind this concept being, “if you can see the acoustics we can fully understand the acoustics”.

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